Comparison between vitrified tiles and marble

Comparison between vitrified tiles and marble useful to use the most appropriate for each room. Both types of materials have advantages and disadvantages of each. The second use of this material may be required depending on the design of the house itself.

Marble is a natural product that has a beauty of its own and we are not going to find two types of stone are truly equal. The beauty of the stone is also very dependent on the outcome of polishing. Prices can be very expensive depending on the quality obtained.
Vitrified tiles can be made ​​in bulk due to man-made. Tile same results will be obtained as easily processed by machines to make a replica pattern of the tile manufacturing process in the factory
Marble strength uneven because of natural processes while strength vitrified tiles can be set up as strong as marble.

One thing that needs to be considered is the quality of the installation. When installing marble and other stones as well as you will see something very beautiful when the very first stone in the tide because of the use of stone has been known for many centuries. Quality installation is the survival rate of stone or tile in the future. Many people do not understand this.

Cleaning the stone is quite easy if the stone has also been used. Vitrified tiles will be easier in cleaning because water absorption is very low. Availability in the future will depends on consumer demand as well as the quality of existing products.
Availability of stone in the future will be very limited because the stone is a natural product and no two pieces being the same. If we want to texture and color are exactly the same will not be available.
Reflection of light will also be very high on the stone.

Vitrified tiles are highly dependent on the end surface, the depth of color and others.
Another thing to consider is the installation of stone tiles are more expensive than vitrified tiles, since it requires its own expertise in installing the stone.
Vitrified tiles have advantages when compared to marble or granite tile products from nature because verification can be controlled, whereas if we get the marble or natural stone is due to chance.
The advantages of vitrified tiles are resistant to acid, alkali and other chemicals and is resistant to color change when compared to marble or natural stone.

Marble has a low resistance to abrasive compared with vitrified tiles and this is because calcium carbonate will be easily attacked by hydrochloric acid which is commonly used to clean the toilet or floor.

Granite will have defects on the surface when getting good quality is guaranteed by chance while vitrified tile surface quality.



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  3. Comparison between vitrified Marble Stone Tile and Slate Marble useful to use the most appropriate for each room. Both types of materials have advantages and disadvantages of each.

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