Mistakes in bathroom design

Mistakes in bathroom design
Many mistakes can be made in the design of the bathroom despite the use of vitrified tiles for walls and floors. The following things often happen and you should avoid them.

As we know we always spend time in the bathroom, and the design, in turn, can significantly affect the mood that arises, and even self-esteem. About how to create a comfortable condition in the bathroom room, is very important and avoids the most common mistakes in the room settings

Unwarranted layout

The main problem that causes various inconveniences are the wrong bathroom space is planned. Here, if in a large room you can still survive with the fact that the bathroom is in the wrong place - then in such a small room the disability is unacceptable.

to be comfortable in a small bathroom, you should think about to fill it up to the smallest detail, starting, of course, with the great sanitary. The tub should be installed so that it actually fills the space along one wall. But if it is necessary to put the washing machine in the room, it should be given a special place for it.

Instead of a large base cabinet under the sink, using a compact analog outboard and toilet set, so between him and the equipment otherwise, there is enough space for easy access.

The atmosphere of the club

If you've ever admired the bathroom decorated with popular public institutions (nightclubs, cafes, restaurants), you want to create the same atmosphere - think before you make a mistake likes that.

Often bathrooms in institutions are designed to relax deliberately, languish, for example, in dark colors, with many mirrors and dim lighting. In fact, the interior of a bathroom likes in an apartment or a house will be pressing, blocking a cheerful awakening in the morning, and making your skin unhealthy.

We recommend that you focus on using various shades of light in the design of the walls and ceiling of the bathroom. But, the floor, the niche, one field of the room, if desired, can be highlighted in a saturated dark tint.

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There is no protective partition

The area around the bath can be left without a protective curtain if there is an additional shower in the room. In cases where the bathtub is combined with a shower, the absence of a partition or curtain will result in adjacent walls and floors flooded with water, which you will spend more time cleaning.

The easiest and most affordable way to isolate a bath with a shower, - a vase of rods mounting among walls, and hanging on its functional curtains. There are other methods of protection from splashing on the surrounding surface, for example, static glass partitions, sliding or hinged doors, mounted on a bathtub board.

Slippery floors

Choosing a ceramic tile for the floor, one can assume, but a very significant mistake and buy a sleek high-gloss material.

It is important to understand that in order for your beauty to ignore safety rules, because, when water enters on a slippery surface, the risk of serious injury

Glossy can be a tile to coat the bathroom wall, but the floor here must be matte, a bit rough. If you make the right choice for the special tiles flanked, then in the future, remove the fear of everything you do not need to feel.

Dim light

Do not get bored given how important the quality, the light is properly installed in the bathroom work area. And that would be a huge disappearance, on your part, to ignore the question of installing a lighting device near the mirror above the sink. As a result, you can get an unrealistic shadow on your face, choose the wrong cosmetic color and, in general, spend more time in the bathroom trying to consider your own reflection.

The amazing solution for the bathroom work area is a mirror with integrated backlight, which will light your face gently and evenly. Alternately, you can install a pair of identical lights on each side of the mirror at the same height from each other, but this will requires additional cable.

Wallpaper paper

For certain rooms with high humidity, the method of decorating such walls does not match a priori, especially if the room is small. Paper bases and glue for such wallpapers quickly absorb moisture, the layers will spread, and the canvas can actually move away from the surface of the wall.

The best material for facing the bathroom wall is ceramic tile, laid out in accordance with all the installation rules.If you for any reason, not willing to use it in the design of the room, it is better to choose the finished combination. That is, if the wallpaper - you are definitely washed waterproof (vinyl), - they can be applied in the shell area, front door, near the bath. The bottom of the wall, all the same, it is a better tile decorative brick, or waterproof panel, especially in the area of ​​the bathroom.

No holder for towels

This seemingly insignificant detail can be practiced to create better conditions for looking in the bathroom. But if in time does not provide the installation of bars or hangers with simple hooks, you can get into trouble. For example, letting a bathtub to pick up a towel at the other end of the room, you leave a wet footprint to slip.

Ideally, hooks, bars or multifunctional holders with dryers, should be close to any zone associated with water procedures: near the bath, near the cockpit, near the sink (for a spacious bathroom).

Lack of tapestry near the tub

Footwear is a nice trivial thing, but if not in the bathroom, you can catch the cold, stand on the cold floor with bare feet, or slip, leave the tub or shower.

In any sanitary shop you will be offered mats that are suitable made of soft cotton or polyester: the size, shape and size of different piles. We recommend choosing a carpet with rubber-based base, to avoid sliding on the floor surface.

Very small sink

Oddly enough, even in large enough bathrooms, small enough bowls are often installed, probably due to unusual designs, shapes, or congenital sensors. In practice, similar pipe products are nothing more than decorative, small functional accessories.

Standing near a small shell, even one person will find it difficult to perform ordinary hygiene procedures, not to mention spouse or children who are in a hurry to school in the morning.

In large bathrooms it is better to install quickly two separate sinks to make daily rituals most convenient for everyone. For small rooms, it is advisable to choose one sink with a wide bowl, or a double version of the sink.

The decor is under control

If you think enough to cover the surface in the bathroom and install the right pipe, we will answer: this is only 60% of what needs to be done in this room. After all, the bathroom is separate, though small, but the premise is independent, which can also have its own unique image.

Interior bathroom decor can be a very fun activity, where you are aware of your creativity. Therefore, we suggest you go to the store to select it for the original lamps from the work area, beautiful mirror in frame or tilt, textile mat, soap container, bright curtain for shower and many other useful and beautiful things.

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