Installation and laying instructions

vitrified tiles flooring procedure
Vitrified tiles flooring procedure
Vitrified tiles installation and laying instructions is similar to other types such as ceramic tile , marble , etc. The advantages of vitrified tiles is slightly different element to the ceramic . Vitrified tiles have besides silica clay when heated in the kiln thus creating glass elements on the tile . Vitrified tiles are very hard and has a very low porosity that is resistant to all absorption .

The uniqueness of vitrified tiles is that you can install without grout . Vitrified tiles are straight and square that can be installed with one another .
Vitrified tiles are generally more expensive than ceramic tile . This tile is available in the form of colors , patterns and sizes . The use of vitrified tiles you should consider which one would you use in the house .

The first thing you do is to lay out the area where you will install . If you put on the floor you have to install first the farthest from the door . The next tile is laid evenly to each side with a balanced installation .

For the size you can cut the edge tiles to fit the edges , and make sure the smooth side only to be in contact with others .
You can install the tiles in the same pattern . Before you install you can be guided by spreading thin set mortar in the area that you will install using a shovel . Make sure all uniforms are to be installed tile . Then you press the tile firmly into the mortar. Then let the mortar dry after 24 hours .

Homeowners generally do not like grout lines , this is due to nat sour faster so the older tiles will look after installed .
Actually grout lines is very important because it helps the tiles in a straight line and serves to prevent damage to the tiles against each other .
To install tile without grout is suitable dry areas .
Something very important thing to consider is the tile without grout is not always suitable for wet areas such as the bathroom , because the function of the tile grout to unite with each other .

The use of ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles in the room is almost the same as for flooring and counter tops . For even in the outer regions of vitrified tile better , especially cold climates , because this tile water absorption rate lower than ceramic tiles .
The use of ceramic tiles outdoors in the area will cause the tiles quickly developing cracks .

However vitrified tiles provide an elegant and more refreshing and a good choice for floors , walls and charming decor to design a living room , kitchen , stairs even to the bathroom .
You will not complain about the color changes and scratches that make the display continues primed according to what you want .

Installation is fairly easy , almost the same as ceramic tiles and thus save time and money .
With the advancement of technology , especially digital printing you can choose the type , thickness , texture and design that you want according to your home decor both interior and exterior .
Price became one drawback compared with vitrified tiles ceramic tiles . If you think of the long term investment of vitrified tiles is a right choice .

Vitrified tiles manufactured today can imitate real wood flooring to give your home unique .
Thus vitrified tiles can also provide a unique creation and all that is yours .


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