The use of vitrified tiles on floor

which is better ceramic or vitrified tiles
Which is better ceramic or vitrified tiles
Choosing vitrified tiles for flooring instead of ceramic tile is unique. So many options for flooring so often confuse homeowners to use as material for flooring. As a seller would offer many choices with each design, quality and price lists and brochures will be given to you.

Before you decide of course it's good to compare and see the difference between ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles, as well as the advantages and disadvantages. Although price is a major consideration, but you have to think about is your long-term investment is not wasted.

At present the options available in the market a wide range and is available in huge quantities, such as marble, granite, wood and stone. Currently vitrified tiles move very quickly to meet the needs of the construction industry, particularly for housing. 
With all the capabilities of the vitrified tiles can improve the process for development that is able to replicate the look likes marble, carpet and even to look like leather, with more capability and more resistant and stronger and more competitive prices. 
Currently the number of requests has also increased from day to day making it impossible to be met by natural stone because of limited availability in nature. 
Prefect queue vitrified tiles is more than natural stone. Tiles are processed under a controlled environment while natural stone and granite you will come across with good quality only chance. 
Vitrified tiles are resistant to scratches, chemicals, acids, alkali and has a very good mechanical resistance. 
The price of vitrified tiles is also not much different from the marble, granite and natural stone. 

Design of vitrified tiles can mimic wood, leather, marble according to the interior design of your home. Perhaps at this point you want to have your home nuanced wood floors. You will feel it by using the tiles vitrification. This is extremely difficult in advance. 
You also do not need to worry, if the wood floor would be quite difficult to clean because it absorbs water. The opposite with vitrified tiles because the tile is very low in easily absorb water so you clean it. Enough with wet cloth or you are mixed a little with regular detergent or cleaning solution. 

One possible risk of vitrified tiles is in the tile installation. Preparation of the installation is absolute. Floors should be able to withstand the load. The trapped air sac often make the tiles have cracks. In addition, water that is not submerged at the time of laying create can also create cracks.

Thus there should be no doubt for you to choose vitrified tiles as flooring material for your home. You can just use vitrified tiles for the entire room of your house or in part for the selected room floor. 
The money you spend will not be wasted with the beauty and elegance gained by choosing the material vitrified tiles for flooring your home. 
There is a good idea before deciding to choose the reading material in advance with a more complete description and buy it



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  3. Vitrified Tiles are considered to be an substitute to Ceramic Tiles. Vitrified Tiles are available in various sizes, furnishes and textures. These types of tiles are popular for floors and wall but are ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, showers as they are highly resistant to water.
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  7. There are lots of tiles available for the decoration of home but vitrified tiles are the best option for floor tiles

  8. Vitrified tiles are an alternative to marble and granite flooring. These tiles are often used outdoors due to their water and frost resistance. All theses tiles are less expensive than marble and granite tiles in market.
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