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Vitrified tiles cleaning solution products
Vitrified tiles cleaning solution products similar to ceramic tiles , granite , porcelain , marbonite , which are sold in the market today . Generally a floor cleaning liquid with different brand names of each manufacturer .
Nevertheless vitrified tiles need maintenance to minimize primarily on the color tiles mainly caused by impurities that will cause stains on your tile.
The cleaning of vitrified tiles in fact you can do with minimal preparation and maintenance are easy enough without having to replace the tile.

This is commonly done is to sweep your tile as a whole. After you wipe the stain will be seen easily available on the tile.

Then you can mop with a damp cloth with a gentle cleanser. Usually the store provides a cleaner for these types. You should concentrate on areas affected by the stain and mop thoroughly.

Let stand for five minutes after you mop the floor with a mop that had been prepared for it. Usually the stain will be drawn out surface of the tile. If the stains are also difficult to remove with regular mop you can use a brush or sponge. Do not use hard objects such as knives or scrapers to avoid permanent scratches in the tiles.

After you remove the stain and then rinse with water. You also have to clean up all the water on the tiles because of residual or residual soap will be sticky and cause new dirt in your tile.

Vitrified tiles are generally  easy to clean , simply wipe with water and as mentioned above . We recommend that chemical containing high acid because it will damage the enamel layer so the color tile looks dull .

Also should avoid the use of fragrance ingredients , as this will cause spots on the surface of the floor . You can clean the floor with a manual or using machinery .
You use only a chemical solution for stubborn dirt and did not need to use the entire surface of the floor .

If you buy chemicals for cleaning the floor , you should read carefully before using it . Various materials are used also for exterior or to design the living room . These products come from various countries such as USA , UK , UAE or India of the product itself .
Cleaning agents are widely sold on eBay , Amazon until the store nearest to you , with a variety of package sizes and prices .
This is an example of the product to clean and protect your floors. Look at also How to remove white stains on the tile



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