Disadvantages must be considered

Besides the various advantages of vitrification tiles also have disadvantages
The main disadvantage of vitrified tiles  must be considered are tiles tend slippery when wet, it is dangerous to use in the room really should be considered . Should also selected tiles anti slip if used in areas that are often wet as kitchens and bathrooms .
Vitrified tiles price more expensive than ceramic tile and labor will also install the tiles .

Another disadvantage is still limited in the variety of colors and shades when compared to ceramic . However vitrified tiles gives the advantage with an elegant choice for floors and exceptional resistance to other flooring materials .
If at this point you are or will renovate your floor space usage types of floor tiles should be selected primarily according to the characteristics of your room floor .

In addition, you also have to adjust the size of the tiles in the room , you also have to
adjust the existing furniture in the room . Balance also need to consider appearance . The size of the furniture that you would choose tiles with a large size , if the furnishings are a bit small and the small size of the tiles may be more appropriate .
All that is because the floor is an important part of a house . Floor strong , beautiful and attractive is a dream for every homeowner .
The development of ceramic technology has advanced rapidly , so much new material that is more superior popping like granite , marble , ceramic and vitrified tiles currently with their advantages and disadvantages as well .

To find out what the most suitable material for use on your floor , you should know the characteristics of the first floor in your home so what is the best material used for the floor start of durability and maintenance .

Decorative flooring with tile material has always been the designers . One quality of a home is determined by the floor , depending on the material used as well as color , texture used . There are times when the use of a combination of various materials are also required , depending on where the space will be used .

Currently the most preferred material for flooring is ceramic tile , which has the color , shape and ease of installation as well as a cheaper price .
Use of vitrified tiles on floor rooms are also quite a lot of homeowners used with advantage better than ceramics , especially in terms of robustness , its high-gloss , various patterns and easy in maintenance .

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